Getting To Know Some Health Insurance Benefits

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More and more people are using health insurance because the benefits are felt in the middle of high health care costs. Aside from health insurance that usually bears the cost of outpatient and hospitalization, there are also various other benefits provided by health insurance. Well, here we know a little further some of the common types offered.

Generally, to protect the financial risks incurred for treatment and treatment, one will buy health insurance. As for the protection of the family's financial risks for the risk of losing the primary source of income (the family head) as a result of death, one will buy life insurance. Nevertheless, life insurance products also provide additional benefits related to health insurance benefits.

For pure health insurance products, the main benefits of health insurance are usually presented in the form of a table of profits according to plan (plan) that can be chosen by the policyholders for the insured. Each project will have a different coverage limit. For example, we want a method with the provisions of the inpatient room fee of Rp 750,000 per day; other benefits such as doctor fees, medication costs, and other benefits will be following the limit. Keep in mind, the selection of the big plan will also affect the number of premiums to be paid policyholders.

Meanwhile, for life insurance policyholders can have additional benefits (riders) related to health by paying a certain amount of additional premium. Passengers who have almost identical benefits to pure health insurance are usually known for the benefits of hospital & Surgical. These benefits provide reimbursement of costs incurred by the insured for outpatient or hospitalization and surgery. This benefit is often the primary choice when one buys the benefit of additional life insurance, let alone nowadays, almost all insurance companies offer cashless facilities in hospitals that have worked together.

Then there is also a rider called Hospital cash plan that provides benefits in the form of compensation for daily Care as long as the insured is hospitalized. The amount of daily compensation is fixed according to the prescribed compensation value. For example, benefit benefits of Rp 300,000 per day, if the insured is hospitalized for 10 days, the total compensation gained by the insured is Rp 300,000 x 10 days is Rp 3 million. To obtain it, the insured can make reimbursement by showing proof of a copy of the hospital bill that has been legalised by the hospital.