Tips To Play To Avoid Lag

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We were speaking of games that are booming or popular lately, especially in Indonesia. Then we can not escape from one of the games that are often referred to as a worm game or popular with the name Slither IO.

The game is straightforward, although it is popular in Playstore and AppStore. This snake game is almost similar to the game that is often played when you still use Nokia phones in the old days.

But this game has a better concept and also more enjoyable. So that the real snake games change and evolve into a more sophisticated game system, here, we will comment on how to get over the slither IO so as not to lag on phones and PC. When you are playing directly, we discuss it below.

1. Provide Data

The first thing you can do is to uninstall the phone if you have not done any serving or storing data. Then you should save the game first so that the level you have passed will not disappear this slither IO game; you can save.

If you log in using Gmail or Google Playstore. So later, the game will connect with the Gmail you have after that later the level you play will be saved well.

Wherever you log in or replace the device, as long as you log in using the email already used in the previous game, that level will be saved. After that, try you uninstall the game then reinstall it if it is finished, then the lag will disappear and will not interfere with the game anymore.
2. Special Extension

The second way you can overcome the lag on your phone or PC when playing a slider is to install a unique extension for the game. It is straightforward to install extensions in your browser by typing Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Then download the app.

3. Clean the Memory

What you do if you want to play smoothly without having problems with your phone is to make sure that you have done memory cleaning. Before you start the game, do you know that many people forget to remove or Phone or PC memory?

So when trying to play a slither io that requires great memory, no longer experience lag. You can do effortless cleaning.

Just access or open the settings section of your phone. Then after that, see the rest of the memory on the phone.

If a little, then you can only clean some apps that are not used on the phone. After that, if space is enough to play slither Io, then you will be able to play without experiencing lag or problems on the phone.

4. Phone notification

The next way to avoid likes or games is quite slow when playing slither io, which is trying to reduce the notifications that appear when you're playing on your phone. Because usually, the information that appears often interfere with the system or programs that are on the phone.

So some apps pause. Maybe if you use social media that is pretty light, it won't bother. But especially for those of you who are playing slither io games. The game system will be quickly interrupted. If there is an incoming notification, especially if the application you are using is very much.
5. Slow connection

To be able to overcome the slither io is suddenly lag or slow, i.e., because your Internet connection is slowing down. You should first consult the Internet connection on your phone or the PC you are using.

Is it problematic or not, however, also this slither IO game, use the Internet or online. So the connection is needed, and it is essential to be able to play smoothly.

6. Remove other games

The last problem that often occurs if you try to play slither IO but experiencing lag on PC or mobile phone is an Android phone. You can no longer be able to accommodate new games.

Besides being playable inside, the Android device is slither IO. This can also be played on the computer but almost the same as the one on the phone. The fun of playing this game will likewise perish when Lek comes to it if you want to solve the problem on the PC.

You can check it about through this system or program is a snake game with the latest concept or plan. So it requires a more sophisticated computer, than the previous computer minimum computer use there already intel.

7. Browser History

Furthermore, a proven event to be able to remove or avoid lag on the phone while playing slither io ie clear cache or browser history on a regular basis. Clearing this cache can be done to help free up Android memory.

Although not too much of this because the glass is like garbage that can fulfill the memory capacity including games for that take advantage of the settings. Because the easiest way to stay visit the settings.

Then go to the Application section Slither io, after which you can choose to remove Chace Fortunately for this system wipe cache, will not eliminate the games that have been saved or levels you have already got.

This cache only removes junk and not your data. To be more fluid and uninterrupted, you can also delete any cache that wants to play slither io, and later the lag problem will disappear quickly.