Tips To Play PUBG on PC

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Device specifications

The first thing you can do. If you decide to play, PUBG is to pay attention to the specifications of the PC and laptop, which is used as this game requires pretty good specs.

So it can not use a computer or laptop in vain minimal processor owned by the device that you use to play is dual-core with 4 GB RAM. The Internet is also needed. So this game does prioritize a relatively high internet connection, compared to other game systems.

Don't forget to pay attention to the specs below to smoothen the game on your computer.

- Windows 7/8/10 (latest Service Pack)

- CPU multiple core processors which support VT-X or AMD-V Virtualization Technology

- Supports Open GL 2.0 or higher performance

- 4GB RAM Memory

- 1, 5GB available hard drive space

Internet Connection

Install with Tencent

1. Installing Tencent

The first step you can do is download the Tencent app. We'll step into the steps of how to install PUBG on your phone, and switch to a computer.

First, you are required to install an application called Tencent Gaming Buddy, which is assisted or developed by a company called Tencent Games. Currently, the app is still a beta, but you can download it because the size is not too large enough 10 MB only.

2. Download PUBG

After installation finishes, the next step you can do is wait for the use of Tencent to make it easier to install the next PUBG game. Use Tencent and install proper installation on your phone.

Don't forget that the size of PUBG is big enough for you to use a reasonably high internet connection. So you should provide a stable internet. Worry about the problem if you use a normal quota.

3. PC Login

Once finished downloading, you can install PUBG games according to the game or invest in general. After that, you can wait until PUBG can be played, then immediately, you try to open it on the installed PC. You can also choose to log in using your Facebook or Guest account, depending on your account.

Install with NoxPlayer

If the first way it fails, do not have to worry because you can do the following method of switching applications. Specifically for downloading games that are on PC with the widespread use named Nox player. With this app, a lot of PUBG players are helped when they don't have a capable mobile phone to play the game. But you have a laptop or computer that can be utilized. Straight away, we reviewed the second way to be able to practice.

1) Nox Player installation

The first thing you can do, of course, to install NOx player, you can find the application easily by using Google. Then after that, download and also install the NOx player on your PC.

The next step is that you can enter the Playstore using the Nox player and use the same account as the one on your phone. After that, you can search for PUBG mobile games from the Play store and also install them as you usually would. You install or download the phone.

2) PUBG Installation

The next thing that can be done is decide to do the installation on the phone, and arrange according to the desired rules. After that make sure, you set the installation of the laptop screen, especially in the Nox player.

The settings that have been done following the size of the laptop or on the computer is increasingly more massive than the size of the window. Then the more prominent the game system that you see after that setting later. You can go directly to the game system and also set the parameters of the PUBG game.

3) Set Analog

After that, because the game system is on the computer and not on the phone, then the next way you can do that is to set analog or keyboard keys used to be a game system.

One last thing before you decide to plunge an umbrella into a battle is on PUBG. Make sure the vehicle mode setting is usable and well-controlled by utilizing the keyboard. Will later appear on your computer screen.

Regarding the keyboard that should be used and also the way to walk or analog what is utilized, on the computer for other settings. You can customize with the convenience of staying selected, whether you want to use the keyboard or want to use a mouse.